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Game #50 – Hawks vs. Predators Douchebag Du Jour: He’s A Doughboy Again

It’s a relief to make fun of some other team’s gooey bag of nougat instead of our own, so we present Ryan Johansen.

Here’s something strange for you. All of Johansen’s stats are down from last year. He’s scoring less, he has less points per game, his relative Corsi is down, his defensive stats are worse, and he’s not getting nearly as many attempts as he did last year for himself. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What could have happened that caused this? It’s merely luck, right?”

Oh right, the Predators handed him a new contract worth north of $8 million a year for the next forever. Isn’t that curious.

Of course, Johansen has pulled this act before. The Jackets signed him out of his entry-level deal with a lot of rancor, and then he pissed John Tortorella off so much he got him launched out of town for Seth Jones. We all made fun of Torts then, and it’s hardly a challenge to get his anger up. And yet, here we are again. Most nights Johansen has looked like a bag of pancake batter than the ass-kicker he flashed last spring.

Sure, RyJo Sen might be waiting for the playoffs where he can pull his red-ass act off again as he did last year before he got hurt (and might have cost the Preds the Cup). Maybe he’s a little unlucky, as his shooting percentage has sank. And yet there’s enough stink around Johansen from Columbus that he’s going to have to prove it again in the spring. Then again, we’d love nothing more than for the Preds to have their own boat anchor of a contract to live with. It fun to make fun of others for a change.


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