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Game #48 – Hawks vs. Devils: Lineups & How Teams Were Built

Notes: Ward gets the start tonight, which seems fine as Delia was a little wonky against the Knights. Overall fine, but his tracking and rebound control were not up to snuff, gives him almost a full week off before the Rangers on Thursday…Not too many other changes, though don’t be surprised if Murphy and Dahlstrom are split up late if it’s close. Dahlstrom really struggled on Saturday, and his first flash is fading. Still worth looking at, but maybe not under the glare of the hardest shifts possible…We’d like to see Jokiharju and Murphy together, but that would involve flipping Murphy to the other side and Coach Cool Youth Pastor doesn’t seem inclined to do that yet…we don’t know how Caggiula got himself onto that third line but he’s done jack and shit with it…

Notes: Taylor Hall is still missing through injury…we have Noesen listed but he’s hurt and is on IR…Blackwood is their prime goalie prospect and with both Schneider and Kinkaid either hurt or terrible it’s his net to lose for the next while, or years….Palmieri has one goal in his last eight, but he always seems to score against the Hawks…Hischier has eight points in his last nine games, which on this team is a veritable bonanza…


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Lineups & How Teams Were Built

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