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Game #46 – Predators vs. Hawks Douchebag Du Jour: Anyone Who Believes PK Subban Shouldn’t Be Face Of The League

It seems like we do this post every year, and it’s because we do. But then PK keeps doing things that reiterate the point, so there’s not much we can do. In case you missed it, here’s a video he recorded to support a young player in Michigan who had been the target of racial abuse. Also, we could have written this about anyone who racially taunts a fucking child being first up against the wall when the revolution hits, but you already knew that so we don’t need to repeat ourselves.

Obviously, Subban is always going to be put in the spotlight for issues like this because he’s one of the few black players in the league, and certainly the only one in this echelon. Whenever there’s a problem with racism in hockey, Subban is going to be sought out. So yes, he gets more of a chance to shine. And while he has dealt in platitudes at times, he’s never shirked the responsibility. There are a host of other issues it would be great to hear from any NHL player on, but this is a world where Jonathan Toews’s reasoned views on global warming are considered radical.

Subban’s charity work, fashion sense, likability, and yes, comfort in front of a camera are all things that should be cherished by the league and fans. And yet it’s milquetoast Connor McDavid or John Tavares getting the promotion pushes, or known evil shits like the Kanes. The next interesting thing Sidney Crosby has to say will be the first.

We go through this every time. If the NHL wants to expand its audience, which it hasn’t shown a determination or know-how to do, then representation matters. Subban is about all they have. And he should be pushed, and his interest in talking about things that matter shouldn’t make anyone afraid. It certainly doesn’t in the NBA or NFL.

Subban’s ways have been anathema to how NHL players and coaches and execs think a NHL dressing room should work. Fuck, it got him traded out of Montreal. Which should have been a blessing to the league, as having him in a southern market in the US where he can do all sorts of things for you should benefit everyone. Hell, he’s even got a celebrity girlfriend! What more do you need?

He already does a lot for so many. Why should anyone be hesitant to let him do more?



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