Game #41 – Hawks vs. Flames: Lineups & How They Were Built


Notes: Olli Maatta could scrape back in but with the Hawks on a “streak,” it’s likely Kelvin keeps the same lineup as Sunday. And Koekkoek has managed to not strangle himself, so small miracles and all that…they have been hinting that Lehner might start to get a starter’s share of starts now, if only to boost his trade value (if they had like, vision), so we might not see Crow until Detroit on Sunday…Nylander, Quenneville, and Highmore all got less than 10 minutes of time on Sunday, which makes one wonder why they have to be in the lineup at all…


Notes: Backlund has been moved to win to try and give the top line something of a two-way presence, but it hasn’t really worked…Rittich was pulled from his last start as he gave up three goals on four shots to the Canucks, but we expect him back out there tonight instead of Cam And Magic Talbot…Monahan like Gaudreau is shooting way below his career averages, leading to a cratering of his numbers…Lindholm has eight points in his last five games, so WHO WANTS TO WALK WITH ELIAS?

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