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Game #37 – Hawks vs. Oilers: Q&A With Some Shaved Ape We Found

Scott Lewis works for some alternative station in Toronto. He claims he used to work at TSN. We’re not sure. But he’s an Oilers fan, or at least a fair approximation of one. So we let him do this, and rewarded him with many treat pellets as a result. Follow him on Twitter @TheScottLewis.

Why do the Oilers blow chunks?
The Oilers’ struggles begin and end with Peter Chiarelli. They’re thin on the wing after he traded one of the league’s best in Taylor Hall so he could sign his large adult son Milan Lucic. Then he shipped Jordan Eberle out for Ryan Strome, who’s probably got a couple All-Star campaigns in him in the AHL. On top of that Chiarelli values Kris Russell’s severe case of shittiness because he spends most of his ice time chasing the puck around or diving in front of it because he’s shitty. Did I mention he traded picks, including a first rounder that became Matthew Barzal, for Griffin fucking Reinhart? I don’t know how PC hasn’t been levied with a restraining order to stay away from under-25 talent.
Why won’t they just let Draisaitl play center and be deep down the middle like most good teams with Run CMD and RNH as well?
Draisaitl with Hall on the wing was one of the deadliest Oilers duos I’ve watched since 1988. I’m just a former NHL media body and decent EA Sports GM, but I may have given them a run together on the second line with a full healthy season from McDavid on L1. I guess Chiarelli’s self-induced dearth on the wing is why Draisaitl doesn’t see regular duty at center.
What dumbass(es) are they going to end up trading Nugent-Hopkins for?
Seeing as the Oilers are in desperate need of help on the wing, I fully expect GM PC to move RNH for some bag of bones like Radim Vrbata and picks. Maybe James Neal when Las Vegas crashes back to earth. If it’s RNH for an defenceman I’d put money on Cody Ceci. That’s a Chiarelli move for sure. I’m aiming low because I’m a realist.
Is Darnell Nurse closer to being the new Chris Pronger that we’ve always hoped he’d be?
I’m in the Nurse’s shot at becoming a legit top-pairing defenceman ship has sailed camp. It’s hilarious that the Edmonton media went wild for Nurse after he pounded the ever-loving piss out of an unwilling and  vulnerable Roman Polak a couple years back. I still think he can be a solid second-pairing D-man. I’d love to be proven wrong here.
Somehow, the Oilers are still only four points out of a playoff spot? Could they save themselves?
I believe the Oilers will make the playoffs. McDavid is that kind of generational talent that can put a team on his back. He’s practically carried Patrick Maroon around the ice in a fanny pack for a couple years now. They’ve effectively wasted the last year of McDavid’s ELC, but I’d wager a bit on them getting in and maybe even upsetting a California team, the Blues, or the Jets. This would buy Chiarelli a couple more years to fuck it all up, which is the McDavid Oilers’ destiny.

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