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Game #26 – Hawks vs. Stars: Douchebag Du Jour – Who Hurt You, Jamie?

It’s hard to find an angrier player than Jamie Benn. He skates angry. He hits angry. He scores angry. Even when he’s happy, he’s angry. Maybe he’s just got that face. Or maybe there’s something sinister under there.

So what is it, Jamie? Is it that you’ve been stuck in Texas for eight seasons now? Does it not jibe with your Canadian sensibilities? Did you dream of something else? Did you want to go home?

Or is it home that bothers you? That your hometown Canucks have become such a joke that you don’t even want to go home again? Does it poison your attitude that they’ve take that dream away from you? That must hurt.  You’ll never be a Canuck, Jamie. We’re sorry, and you’re better off that way. Do you really want those people throwing trash at you after another playoff exit?

Or is the sting too much that you’ve only played 19 playoff games? Never in the conference final? You’ve never even sniffed the ultimate prize. You very well might not. That’s ok, it happens to a lot of players. But hey, Ken Hitchcock will give great quotes to the press about it. Maybe you can find solace in that.

Something more, Jamie? Maybe we don’t want to know, then. There’s clearly something bubbling underneath the surface here. Just try and remember you’ve got a Gold Medal.  You scored the winner against the US in Sochi. That’s cool, right? The BBQ in Dallas is really out of this world. Remember that.And it doesn’t get cold. You don’t have to worry about winter. That’s a thing. It’ll add years to your life.

Or you can just keep knocking people over like they were balloons. That’s cool, too. But does it really make you happy, Jamie?

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