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Game #16 – Hurricanes vs. Hawks Douchebag Du Jour: Anyone Against The Canes Celebration

Ok, we’re a little sick of the “Skol” clap. It’s ripped off from Iceland, and anything Vikings fans do obviously is for the truly bewildered and dorky. But hey, it’s a minor crime.

However, the team-wide celebration of wins, whether it’s crashing into the boards or something else, that we’re on board for. Because hockey needs personality in any way it can get it. It’s a game after all. Games are supposed to be fun. And the Canes could use anything that connects them further to their fans. Wins in the NHL aren’t easy to come by. They should be celebrated.

But you know where this is going, especially if the Canes get near the playoffs. One night, after beating a Canadian team you can be sure, some crusty, white-haired jerk-ass on Rogers who hasn’t had a decent shit in four years is going to go off on this as classless, or not the “hockey way.” Because there is no fun in hockey. There is no personality, and if there is it means you don’t care about the team. And the team is all that matters, remember? That’s why no one can read.

We would love to see a league where every team has their own celebration tradition, not just waving their stick at center ice before retreating to the dressing room, except for one guy who gets pulled aside for a “How about these fans?!” interview. Have one team light a stick on fire. Have another do “Thriller.” A fake sword fight. All of it. One team trying to one-up the other. That’s how you get on Sportscenter. That’s how you get people to notice.

Which is why it’ll never happen.


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