Game #1 – Hawks vs. Flyers: Hedley Lamarr’s Nitwits, Halfwits, And Dimwits

New addition this year. Instead of a Douchebag Du Jour, we’re going to pull this from the old program and list a couple villains each game. Let us know what you think. 

Kevin Hayes – We’re still talking about a guy who took a shit in a stairwell, though that’s actually a 200-level class at Boston University.

Carter Hart – We’ve grown up, and lived our entire lives really, with the Flyers crease being a strange vortex that turns people inside out. If he straightens out the goaltender position for years, our world is going to go off its axis. It’s not how things are supposed to be.

Carsen Twarynski – Get a real name, dipshit.

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