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Friday Foofaraw: Your Least Favorite Hawk Of All Time

Kids, we all know that August for hockey is the down time. The signings and trades are mostly made, training camp is still way far off in the distance, most of the STDs acquired from the Convention have been medicated and there just isn’t much going on. But we have to do something, and we’d like all of you who want to to be a part of it.

All August long, we’ll be running yours and our recollections of Hawks that we couldn’t stand. Players who made you dread their shifts, and somehow despite that made your fandom all that much more locked down in your life. Guys who couldn’t skate, couldn’t pass, or got walked by the most mediocre forwards around. Yes, Wayne Van Dorp would qualify as all three. So would Karl Dykhuis.

If you want to participate, just email me your entry at committedindian@gmail.com, with “Least Favorite Hawk” in the subject line. And while you’re free to write about some of recent vintage, we’ve covered the Bollig-Versteeg-Scott territory heavily in the blog. We want to hear about your flashbacks about Brian Noonan or Keith Brown.

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