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Friday Foofaraw: What Did Feather Spend $4900 On?

As we do with Fridays in the summer, we eschew normal hockey silliness for just general silliness. This morning we awoke to a tweet that Fifth Feather had somehow accrued a $4900 on his credit card either after or during being out with the rest of the CI crew. So it got me to thinking, what could Feather have spent all that money on?

  1. David Bowie’s shoes from 1980.
  2. Signed Everett Sanipass jersey.
  3. Plane tickets and supplies to camp outside Andrew Cogliano’s house.
  4. Krist Noveselic’s….you know what? 5 grand probably just gets you Krist Novoselic these days.
  5. Every known copy of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to erase it from the annals of time.
  6. Starting a “Save HockeeNight” campaign.
  7. Fels’s bartab.
  8. Killion’s car (a massive overpayment).
  9. Pre-IPO investment in Uber
  10. Floating Craig Button some cash to cover his ass
  11. Rights to SB Nation’s commenting system so that it can be used here
  12. RiotFest lifetime VIP passes
  13. Season Tickets to the Toledo Walleye to follow every game of Tyler Motte’s career
  14. A charitable donation to the National Hellenic Museum where his family has its own wing
  15. Jerseys for his 78 beer league teams, all of whom will now wear the Flames’ throwback template.