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Here’s a new feature for the upcoming season. Every Thursday, I’ll be throwing together a wide array of thoughts for your viewing (dis) pleasure. So where do we start this? Wherever I want…

–If you have never seen a GWAR show, I would definitely add that to your bucket list. Prior to Friday night at Riot Fest, I could not name a single GWAR song. After Friday, I can only name one and that’s “Pre-school Prostitute” and I only remember that because the name of the song is so phenomenal. By my rough estimates, I believe the crowds at GWAR shows are 90% people who want to experience getting blood shot at them and 10% are legitimate fans. So it’s like the United Center since 2010.

Anyways, Oderus Urungus is probably the most underrated comedic genius of this era. The man can improvise with the best of them. Don’t believe me? You’re welcome.

My other main thoughts from Friday night’s show were that Andrew WK is an incredible human being, Glenn Danzig is a deplorable human being yet amazing at the same time, Joan Jett is the tops and I’m still in awe that Fallout Boy was able to draw such a big crowd but what the hell do I know.

–So Patrick Kane made a bit of hub-bub with his contract comments last week. I found the comments to be more refreshing than anything else. Looking at it from Kane’s perspective, why should he paint himself in a corner especially when the general manager just said he would do anything to keep him as a Hawk for life.

But that’s beside the point. I highly doubt Kane has given any serious consideration to specific teams or situations; I truly believe he’s not allowing himself to look that far ahead. To speculate on anything else at this point is an exercise in futility. It’s two seasons away. If he wants to make his mark elsewhere or simply experience living in another city, there’s really no way to stop that. But again, that’s a whole lot of discussion for other days and most likely, a discussion we’ll never have.

After all, Kane said staying with the Hawks would be his ideal situation. So there.

–Here’s a new rule I will implement, people are only allowed to discuss Teuvo Teravainen if they can spell AND pronounce his name correctly.

In all seriousness though, things reached a fever pitch in the Teravainen-hype machine after Scotty Bowman tweeted:

scott bowman ‏@coachwsb After watching Teuvo Teravainen 4 days @ Training Camp I came away very impressed He reminds me so much of Igor Larionov the way he plays

Not to belittle the great Scotty Bowman but in his next tweet he compares a 9 year old boy named Hutson to Todd Marchant. So maybe we shouldn’t put too much stock into Bowman’s scouting eye.

It’s sort of humorous to see the Blackhawks treat Teravainen with kid gloves and ensure he’s ready for an 82 game NHL season. This is the same group that had no qualms about throwing Nick Leddy into the fire from the get-go; brought up Andrew Shaw halfway through his first professional season; would have probably let Brandon Saad jump straight from juniors to the NHL if it weren’t for the strike and countless other examples of young players who probably weren’t ready to be NHL players but were given an opportunity.

You could make the case that the Hawks were never as deep at forward as they are now. Or you could say they’re being extra cautious this time around because they know they have a special talent. Or you could say again that the Hawks are building up the hype machine on Teravainen to escalate his trade value further.

None of those would be wrong. Either way, he will be playing in the NHL soon enough.

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