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Our Favorite #TeuvoMispronunciations

From last night’s Committed Indian Page 8. Those contributed via Twitter are credited. Sort of.

Tivo Targaryen (this one we’ll be using frequently)

Turbo Typo-Findin’

Teemu Top-Landin’

Teemo Terre Haute’en

Teevo Soundgarden

Teuvo Team-Stompin

Manti Te’o

Toyvo TVTimeout –  @FancyHockeyStat

Taye Diggs Terrible Linen –  @EiroNvek

Cee-Lo Taravanko

Kyle Calder –  @MikeAlper

Taylor Terra Firma

Taco Teraveenen

Tebow McGowan

Tito Transylvania –  @KileyMags

Teevee Terryfunyun –  @tree_turty_tree

Teevo Terrarium –  @Ryan_Comerford

Jagmeer Jaguire –  @mundtjg

Turtle Tigerlion

Tampa Terrorhymen

Taveo Tarkanian –  @tierney_tim

Tenfoot Torahstudent

Touchdown Torsionhaver

Armin Tamzarian – The Beverly Brewmaster

Jurco Unemployment – @HiImBobLedonne

Jonathan Toes – @AndrewBurner


Kosuke Fukodome – @mil182

Tomo Arigato – @AirTrafficAJ

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