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Everything Old Is New Again: Blackhawks 4 – Coyotes 4 (Hawks Win Cup Stacking)

For the first six minutes of this game, you couldn’t have asked for pretty much anything more from the Hawks. They controlled the play, every shift seemed to be rolling and the puck was planted in the Yotes’ zone… oh, and they were up two goals.

Then things went off the rails a bit. It started with a deflection off a Hawk that snuck past Corey. Then on a power play, a shot from the point bounced hard off the board and found it’s way to Shane Doan’s stick who snuck an unreal wrister to the far top corner. The Hawks would play pretty much the rest of the period on the kill thanks to Bollig and took the game into the second tied.

The second saw the Hawks gain the lead then lose it on two goals from the Yotes. Thankfully, they tied the game and we were off to the extra time. There’s quite a bit to talk about this game and beyond.. so let’s get down to it.



  • Hossa had himself quite a night, didn’t he? He was a monster with and without the puck throughout the first and beyond. He did take the penalty leading to Doan’s goal but quickly got it back in the second and was a threat to get his second pretty much every time he touched the puck.
  • Any time the Hawks score 4 and put 52 shots on net, it’s probably OK to expect a win. I wouldn’t guess it’s going to be going to overtime or shootout though.
  • 4 players had 5 shots on goal. And that doesn’t count Sharp who had 6. That’s just video game numbers. The most impressive shooter of the night may be Morin who got his 5 shots in under 7 minutes of TOI. Once again, Morin looked to be a solid addition to the squad who deserves more of a look. But in a game where you’re tied or trailing, you can’t expect Q to go out of his way… even if it is a home game. Though, we’ll see what actually becomes of this guy with the breaking news coming down the pipe.
  • As bad as it was to see Bollig take a 4 minute penalty immediately following them surrendering a power play goal, the kill was pretty impressive. Only one shot the whole four minute, yeah… that’ll do.
  • Shane Doan – Still a douche.
  • This wasn’t the kind of game we usually expect out of the Yotes, is it? I’d gladly watch the up and down play over the snoozefest that Yotes games can often be. Actually, I’ll take these kind of games anytime… they’re fun.
  • OK – enough of this bullshit – STEEEEGGGGEERRRR!!¬†Soon after the game, news came down that the Hawks had pulled off another trade – sending Dylan Olsen and Jimmy Hayes to Florida in exchange with our former hero Kris Versteeg. Steeger has two goals and 5 assists so far in Florida. He’s likely to slide into some sort of checking role line for the Hawks… even though he’s not really sized for that role. Neither is Shaw though but somehow it seems to work. Things are about to get really dumb on that third line but they’re also going to get pretty damn entertaining.
  • As more of the details come out in the trade, things are just weird. Not only did the Hawks get a prospect back in the trade, some dude named Phillippe Lefebrve. So that’s nice. The big news though is that the Panthers are eating half the salary so the Hawks get him at only a 2.2million cap hit. After way overpaying, the Hawks now get to probably way underpay. Expect more about this in the morning. For now – Welcome back Steegs. Everyone say it with me now – “Oh Christ, just dump the puck already. Goddammit Steeger!”

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