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Coming Down The Mountain: Avs at Hawks Preview/IV Session

simpsons avalanche rocket house vs. Hawk Wrestler

RECORDS: Avs 4-4-0  Hawks 6-3-1







SCORE-ADJUSTED CORSI: Avs – 48.5% (21st)  Hawks – 50.3% (11th)

POWER PLAY: Avs – 21.4% (14th)  Hawks – 23.8% (8th)

PENALTY KILL: Avs – 77.1% (23rd)  Hawks – getting better?

TRENDS: All of Duchene’s eight points have come in the last five games… MacKinnon’s +10.9 Corsi-relative is the 7th-best mark among forwards

Oh right, there’s a hockey team in town. Did you remember that? I think I forgot somewhere along there. That’s why this preview is so delayed. Things are moving slowly in the lab today. Give us this one, won’t you? Anyway, the Hawks help us begin the transition into winter officially now, and good thing because they’re on a streak.

Tonight will see the visit of the Avalanche, who are no longer coached by a airhorn with hair. Jared Bednar is now the man in charge, after the behind the bench area was fumigated for idiot dust leftover by Patrick Roy. We were always worried what might happen when a real coach got hold of what is some pretty incredible talent in spots. Bednar hasn’t been able to make wholesale changes yet, but you can definitely seen that there’s at least a plan defensively which there wasn’t under Roy. They no longer just either skate around after the puck as fast as they can or away from it as fast as they can.

It hasn’t translated to their underlying numbers, at least not yet. They’re still a bad possession team, and some of that has to do with really only having Barrie as an established puck mover. Wiercioch is a good one but only just now getting the trust of an NHL team, and Zadorov is a baby. There’s hope, but hope is not reality yet.

The forwards you already know. Nathan MacKinnon with a real coach could go supernova. Matt Duchene already is, now that his coach isn’t trying to fuck with his head every day for reasons beyond anyone’s comprehension but his own. ThreeYaksAndADog doesn’t have to worry about being a giant asshole at every turn because his coach thinks he isn’t tough or something and can just be the dynamo two-way forward he is. Iggy can’t really get his own shot anymore but can bury the ones you get him. They’re awfully excited about their new tank on the right in Mikko Rantanen, who a very big boy. There isn’t much of a bottom six here, but there are some capable foot soldiers in Mitchell and Colborne. But Rene Bourque is on this team, and you what it means if Rene Bourque is on your team.

The Hawks will trot out the same lineup as their comfortable win over Cal and Gary Tuesday. We know that the Avs have been a major headache for the Hawks for a while now, because they were one of the few teams that were faster than they are. The Hawks are faster than they’ve been, at least on the back end and in the bottom six when the kids are all right. So this could set up to be a pretty entertaining one, at least for a game in the beginning of November. You don’t want it turning into a 4×400 relay or anything, but the Hawks don’t have to try and gum this up as much as they would have in the past years.

Should do wonders for all our hangovers.