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Come Back Here! I'm Not Through Demeaning You: Blackhawks 3 – Habs 2 (OT)

Sometimes the end of the regular season presents incredibly exciting hockey as both teams are fighting for their post-season lives or hoping to make a reputation for themselves as they head to the next round.

And sometimes it presents some absolute stinkers.

With Kane and Toews out still, not to mention Price and Markov not playing, this was certainly not a game that will go down in history. And for two full periods, that was exactly what we got. There were chances both ways but nothing spectacular. Both Goalies played well, Crawford especially as he flashed a few quick pads to get out of trouble in the first. For most of the game though, we saw two teams locked into the playoffs with little chance of changing spots (6fh and 5th) and hoping the other team would fuck up. It wasn’t until the 3rd period that we got anything close to exciting hockey but at least the Hawks made up for it with some pretty exciting ending.


  • We’ve talked about it before – but this was the first time the Hawks have won a game in OT (not counting skills competition) all damn year. Must be nice to get that monkey off your back but jesus that was a weird goal.
  • With the season winding down, it’s been really great to see Morin and Smith getting more chances and looking damn good in them too. Morin added another goal to his season and looks like he could be the needed depth in the playoffs. #IBelieveinJMO. Sad to see Smith’s goal streak come to an end.
  • The two goal scorers for the Habs, Weise and Bouillon, now have 10 goals between the two of them. Or one less than Bickell.
  • The power play unit is just adorable right now… in that newborn deer learning how to walk and falling down kinda way.
  • Phenomenal game from Crow. Without some pretty spectacular saves from him the Hawks would have been buried. Good to get his confidence at its peak right now.
  • As of last night, the Capitals have now been eliminated from the playoffs and Nashville bit it a few days ago. So the Hawks have two more games against teams with nothing left to play for and pretty miserable seasons. It could be 4 easy to grab points with the slightest effort but from the looks of tonights game (last minute excluded) it seems the Hawks are willing to phone it in and hope no one else gets hurt.Dallas and Phoenix are the only ones left with something to play for since everyone else is just jockeying for position. There’s a slight chance the Hawks could catch the Avs and move to 3rd but it looks like it’ll be Sharks in the first round. They’ve got a much tougher back to back with the Avs and Yotes so the Hawks at least have home ice to play for. I’m an idiot.
  • And that folks, is why you don’t leave hockey games early.


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