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Beard(s) Of The Day – May 9th – 3/4ths Of Red Fang

131015-red-fangHailing from Portland, Oregon, Red Fang has been one of my favorite metal bands for years. They’re the perfect blend of mindless fantasy lyrics combined with melt your face off guitar riffs. If you actually bother to read our silly game threads, you’re likely to have noticed a few of their songs used in them… at least from the ones I write.¬†Much like ZZ Top, Red Fang utilizes the idea that every standing member of the band should rock a beard. Drummers are their own world of crazy. Just don’t bother them.

Perhaps the best thing about Red Fang is their idea that metal doesn’t need to be so fucking serious but can be incredibly fun and goofy without losing any of its edge. Their videos are full of situations where every member of the band seems to simply laugh their ass off. Perhaps no video of theirs is better to demonstrate that than “Wires” which features former BotD, Brian Posehn. If you don’t like this band, you don’t like having fun… or killer riffs. Even better, there are few bands that seem to love the idea of getting drunk than this one. I’m not saying you should regard PBR as highly as they do.. but it won’t make you a worse person if you do.

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