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Beard Of The Day – May 9th – Chris Wilson

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists at the South Street Seaport

And now we start with a tradition that might be a bit lost on some of you newer converts to our certain method of madness. Actually, it may be lost on just about everyone unless you write for this site… and even Fels shakes his head a bit at the level of devotion McClure and I put into this silly little feature.

Regardless, our beard of the day belongs to the drummer of perhaps one of my favorite bands around today – Chris Wilson of The Pharmacists.. as in Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

Chris joined Leo’s band just in time for the great album Hearts of Oak which managed to blend together a mixture of punk rock, power pop and even a little bit of Irish folk. Continuing through present day, Wilson anchors Leo’s manic guitars and voice as he blends together styles and songs that range from the incredibly serious to the more lighthearted silliness and even throwing in a solid cover every once in a while.

While he might have the dancing skills of  Alex Van Halen, Chris certainly knows how to rock a beard while having questionable headband placement skills. He’s a solid compliment to an incredible musician. And after all, who doesn’t like a good green t-shirt?

Also, choosing Wilson allows to link to a video featuring a favorite of ours, Paul F. Tompkins, who has sadly never really grown out his facial follicles beyond the upper lip… otherwise he’d for sure be in our list.

Believe in the power of punk

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