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Beard Of The Day – May 6th – Lou Barlow


There are few musicians as important or as prolific in throughout the course of independent and alternative rock as Lou Barlow. As the original bassist for Dinosaur Jr., Barlow and guitarist (and former BotD) J. Mascis created a wall of distorted sound that deafened and delighted modern rock audiences. But the two butted heads frequently and Barlow was kicked out of the band in 1988. They reunite with Mascis 17 years later, and they have since produced arguably the finest work (Farm, I Bet On Sky) in their entire catalog, a true rarity among nostalgia driven cash-grab reunions.

In the years in between, Barlow helmed two acclaimed projects of his own: the low-fidelity outfit Sebadoh, and the cleaner, pop flavored sounds of The Folk Implosion. The latter of the two groups spawned one of the most unlikely modern rock radio hits of the 90s in the eery “Natural One” from the soundtrack to the equally disturbing film Kids. During that time Barlow has intermittently donned a full, admirable beard to compliment his consistently shaggy hair and glasses. And it is for all of those reasons he is honored here today.

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