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Beard Of The Day – May 3rd – John Entwistle


One of the Hawks problems so far this season has been consistency and intensity. They’d let the Preds back into the game by giving up a goal immediately after scoring and they let the Wild back into Game 1 after nearly running them out of the building in the first. So we need someone strong and dependable for today’s beard. And that’s why we’re going with The Ox. A founding member of The Who, Entwistle was known as”the quietest man in private but the loudest man on stage”. While Townshend and Daltry deservedly get a lot of the praise and Moon was a man of many legends, you can’t understate the importance of Entwistle to The Who’s sound.¬†From actually insisting that Townshend be admitted to the group to being the first to use Marshall stacks, there is no Who without Entwistle. His furious and intense playing style has led some to claiming Entwistle is as important to the bass as Hendrix was to the guitar.

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