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Beard Of The Day – May 18th – Stan Rizzo


Mad Men had no shortage of handsome men with perfectly sculpted haircuts plastered down with enough pomade to stop a horse in its tracks. However, in the final season as the timeline in the show approached the 70’s, we finally got to see the characters let loose a little bit, especially in the facial hair department. The second half of this final season was probably won by Roger Sterling’s amazing (and at the same time disturbing) mustache but there has been one character paving the way for facial hair for quite a while – Stan Rizzo. Played by Jay R. Ferguson, Rizzo was a bit of comic relief for large parts of the series before taking on a more important role in the final season. Of all the endings, his was one I enjoyed the most though I’ll save going into detail for those who weren’t able to watch last night. Rizzo embraced a beard long before others even though about not shaving and was able to grow an impressive full wild beard at the end of the show’s run.

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