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Beard Of The Day – June 22nd – Pete Townshend

Pete_Townshend_in_HamburgNone of us are going to need any help getting jacked for tonight’s game. The mixture of nerves, excitement, queasiness and pure adrenaline is what chewing on an adrenal gland is like (…I imagine). So if we were musicians here on this site, and we’re not, there would only be one way to play the guitar. And that would be the full on windmill style popularized by one of the greatest talents in Rock & Roll, Pete Townshend.

I’m not going to waste your time getting into why Townshend is great. If you’re already not a huge fan of The Who than you’re either beyond our hope or you’re probably around 12 years old and haven’t started listening to real music yet. And if you are 12, you probably shouldn’t be reading this site without your parents permission. Go watch some cartoons kid. Actually, Fels is probably watching cartoons right now anyway, so I guess those aren’t just for kids.

The Hawks lit up Rask and made Chara look like a chump in the last game. We’re going to hope that’s the case from here on out… So Boston, can you see the real me?



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