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Beard Of The Day – April 30th – John Muir

John_Muir_by_Carleton_Watkins,_c1875When you think of someone born in 1838 who devoted his life to the wilderness.. you ought to picture someone with a big scraggly beard and disheveled hair. And that’s exactly what you get with John Muir. Born in Scotland, Muir moved to the States with his family at a young age. He took a botany class while attending the University of Wisconsin which quickly set him down a path devoted to studying, protecting and most of all, enjoying the outside world. Muir’s work petitioning Congress helped establish the national park bill in 1890 which protected not just Yosemite but all of the surrounding mountains and forests. This bill paved the way for our National Park System which maintains and protects some of the most beautiful land in our country. And thanks to McClure, I now know that he was also featured in early 1990’s computer games too.

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