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Beard Of The Day – April 30th – Herman Melville



It has only been a few days since we last saw the Hawks but with the constant action around the playoffs and three exciting game 7’s coming up tonight it feels like it has been ages since we’ve seen the men of four feathers take the ice. And since we won’t find out who the Hawks play next nor when that game may be until later tonight, we’re left with a lot of time on our hands. You could go through the comment section of Puck Daddy and find all the simpletons that don’t get the idea behind the eulogies… or you could try and take down the work of someone like Herman Melville.

Melville’s most famous work is obviously Moby Dick, whose opening line “Call me Ishmael.” ranks up there among the best known like “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” or if you’re a degenerate like me “We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.”

The epic story of a man driven crazy trying to kill the white whale that once destroyed his ship and in the process took his leg has become one of the best known allegories in American culture. The term “whale” is now synonymous with any hard to obtain object.. be it the Stanley Cup or a glass of Pliny The Younger. The book itself becomes more than just a story of whale hunting but takes on the battle of good and evil, the existence of God and the struggles between classes and the dangers of obsession and revenge. It also contains one of the greatest last lines from any character as Ahab throws his harpoon at Moby Dick and is dragged beneath the water to die. Oh.. spoiler alert.

In the downtime we have before the next Hawks game, you could take on one of America’s greatest epics. All 900 some odd pages of it. Or, if you’re feeling lazy.. you could just head over to Pequod’s and get a pizza. Your call.

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