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All Lost In The Trade Market

There’s not much going on today as we roll through into a roadtrip and then the break. So I thought it might be time to delve into a little fantasy. And this year, a trade for the Hawks might be true fantasy. First, they may have already made their “deadline” deal by acquiring Kris Versteeg. That gobbled up a lot of cap space. They still have some, but not a lot. Second, it’s hard to figure out where exactly the Hawks would look to shore up. Certainly not on defense, at least I don’t think so. But what the hell?

I’m going to assume the Hawks aren’t going to move much of anything off the current roster. You occasionally hear Brent Seabrook’s name get mentioned by some loon, but we know that’s not going to happen. Johnny Oduya’s current bout of what-the-fuck might get his name thrown about, especially as the Hawks are pretty jonesin’ to open up a spot for Stephen Johns. But tossing him into a playoff chase and then playoffs is beyond the realm of possibility. So we’ll work as if that won’t happen.

According to Cap Geek, the Hawks will have about $1.1 in space at the deadline, meaning they can acquire someone who makes $5 mildo over the entire year. At least I think so. It’s hard to figure with Khabibulin’s LTIR. That doesn’t get banked exactly. So if someone wants to clear this up for me in the comments, please do.

We know how this goes though. Stan will pick up some guy we think is a journeyman player that ends up working out way better than we ever thought. But let’s dream a little, shall we?

I think all we’re looking at here is centers. Unless something is moved off the roster, there’s just no room on defense (although a Rozsival injury could change this). The wings are pretty full as well, so a pickup there would have to wow Q to actually sit Bollig (ha, like that would ever happen) or if he writes off Bickell completely by the end of the West Coast swing (though three more weeks to rehab his knee is going to help).

Pie In The Sky

Antoine Vermette – Well this would solve just about everything. Which is why it won’t happen. Phoenix is unlikely to drop out of the playoff race and sell. He has another year on his deal and Stan is going to want to keep that spot open for any of Teuvo/Danault/Pirri (though he wanted to do that this year and how’d that go?). But man, wouldn’t it be nice?

Vermette can play either as a #2 or #3 center, wins draws, is defensively stout and can play in any situation. You could see Q falling in love with him immediately. Also has a knack for big goals, if you still have nightmares from 2012.

Mikhail Grabovski – Again, the Caps probably aren’t falling out of it where they’ll be jettisoning centers. And whereas Q would love Vermette, I think we can all envision a scenario where he’d hate Grabo. But he is a genuine #2 center only on a one-year deal who drives possession and can either be shooty to play with Kane or pass-y to play with Hossa and Sharp. Fits a need.

Fills A Need

Olli Jokinen – Barf. One-year deal and the Jets will want to cash in on whatever they can. But he sucks and I hate him.

Ryan Jones – This is just a personal preference. I’ve always liked Jones in EdMo and Nashville. Just a gritty 4th line player with real speed who draws a lot of penalties. He’s basically what I think Morin could do without near as much finish. On the last year of a deal in Edmonton and would cost you just about nothing.

Curtis Glencross – He’s been mentioned before, mostly so he’ll stop scoring against the Hawks. Glencross could serve on the bottom six somewhere, but doesn’t play center. Certainly gives you a little more jam.

Steve Ott – We’ve been here before. Ott’s a huge dickhead, but the dude can play. And he plays center. And he’s the kind of nutjob you want in the playoffs. We know the Hawks called when he was in Dallas. Could again.

Marcel Goc – Ott without any of the bullshit or scoring. Wins draws, kills penalties, general nuisance. That’s about it.

The Stan Went Nuts

Dan Girardi – Ok, this is one I’ve rolled around in my head a bit and would never, ever happen. But let’s say that Stan sees what we see in watching Seabrook. And maybe he’s none too happy that Seabrook’s slip in play came right after getting paid. And maybe he doesn’t think it’s going to get any better. So what about a Seabrook-for-Girardi swap? Girardi is not what Seabrook can be offensively. He can be everything Seabrook is defensively. He’s in the last year of a deal. You get a look at him playing centerfield for Keith for a few months. If you don’t want to keep him, you get a bucketful of cap space to make the changes you want and have more flexibility for the Kane and Toews extensions that are coming. You have another roster spot for Johns, Clendening, Dahlbeck or any other d-prospect that are knocking on the door for roster spots. It would be nuts, and risky, but I don’t think it’s total insanity.


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