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2015's First Roadwatch And Project Rescue

Just a couple things to announce on this Friday that feels like a Monday but isn’t. We haven’t done one of these in a while so it’s time. A week from today, January 9th, we’re crawling out to A.J. Hudsons, 3801 N. Ashland here in Chicago. It’s for the game against the Oilers, so it should be an enjoyable enough event as we won’t really have to pay that much attention to the game after the 1st period, one should think. And yes, Hudson’s does double as my Liverpool FC bar in the mornings so you can some see where I cry often enough. And Trumer Pils is the beer special all month. If you’ve had it you know.

Second, our friends at Project Rescue Chicago are having their annual Freezin’ For A Reason Fundraiser for their rescue shelter. As you know, it is blog policy here that dogs are far more enjoyable than people, and we want to help. Please go to their event page and donate to help the cause. These are the people who trained my nutcase dog PJ, who’ll be recognizable to any of you who read the Indian regularly from the editorial page. So please help them out, they’re good folks.

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