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2014 Ivy Drip Spring Training Issue And Subscriptions Now Open

It’s hard to believe that pitchers and catchers report next week, considering you can’t go outside without crying these days (and then having your tears freeze). What’s not hard to believe is that I got pretty bored during this break from the indian. So to make up for that, I’ve done a spring training preview issue of The Ivy Drip, which is now out.

 If you’re new to our publication family, during the summer I do a digital weekly about the Cubs called The Ivy Drip (sorry Sox fans. I keep trying to convince Feather to do one for them, but he’s not listening). It comes out every Monday (or Tuesday if the Cubs are off on Monday) to wrap up the previous week and preview the next one. It’s a fun little project, and most everyone really seemed to enjoy it in our first summer last year.
It’s just $35 for the whole season right now and I’ll keep it there for the next two weeks. That’s 27 issues during the baseball season. So dive on in and support the cause. You can sign up where you get the Indian, by hitting the button in the top right corner of the page.

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