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2014-2015 Committed Indian Digital Subscriptions Now Open

You all have been asking, and I can finally provide you an answer. The doors are open for digital subscriptions to The Committed Indian game program today! Huzzah! Peas and carrots peas and carrots!

For those who might be new to our little game here, The CI is not just this blog full of drunken dick jokes and references to Replacements-influenced bands. No sir, we do a publication full of them too! We write one for every Hawks home game, and sell it outside the UC.

“But Sam,” you say, “I don’t go to that many games and I would really like to regularly read you cram yet another outdated Skid Row reference in about hockey!” Well, you can do that mon ami! Because you can get it online, PDF style. That’s where these subscriptions come in! Every afternoon before a Hawks home game you’ll get a download code for that night’s Indian. It’s a beautiful thing, I’m told.

And now the apology. Due to the changing structure of the business, and how season ticket holders attendance actually varies due to selling their seats, I have had to raise the price of this year’s subscription. It’s not about wanting to drink Old Overholt instead of well whiskey, but about survival. So this season’s cost is a cool, even $100. Again, sorry. I didn’t want to do this.

But enough apologies. Dive in, the water’s… not all that fetid. We’ll clean it after Killion gets out of the pool. Promise. Hit this button!


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