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The Elements, as Dr. Watson Said to Sherlock, are Coming Together – Hawks 4, Red Wings 2

You know, I never joined a sorority partly because I think that trials of loyalty and the concomitant proof of conformity are stupid. And yet here I am, with this fucking cabal, saddled with all the Red Wings games. You believe this shit? Anyway, let’s get on with it. (And fraternity/sorority people, don’t come at me, I’m only generalizing about my thoughts, not demeaning yours.)

–Let’s all stop fucking around and agree that DeBrincat belongs here. Early in the game he bobbled some passes from Toews, and misfired some passes back to his linemate. He wasn’t perfect. But come on, the guy had a pretty goal and equally pretty assist, showed off his hands, and kept up with Toews and Panik who are 2/3rds of what is ostensibly our best line. Those (admittedly minor) mistakes can and will be fixed with some experience. Please Q, please don’t Teuvo this guy. Please don’t do it, I’m begging you.

–Forsberg was downright decent. In the 1st he got bailed out by the post while he was in mid-belly flop, which was kind of ugly. But 2 goals on 34 shots? That’ll do for a backup. Besides, the first one was tipped so what can you do? He didn’t seem panicked and he maintained good positioning throughout. Of course, it’s hard to say for sure since he was playing the garbage trotted out by Detroit, some of whom aren’t even guaranteed to make the team, but maybe I was wrong about that whole quadruple-A player thing.

–Anisimov played tonight, and I kinda wish he hadn’t. He spent most of his time getting stood up at the blue line looking foolish. I’m going to chalk this up to being a rough night for him and move on.

–The defense was…serviceable? A bit schizophrenic? Franson was keeping the puck in the offensive zone like a lever in a pinball machine, and then he was just plain slow. Oesterle broke up a scoring chance, and then promptly got burned. Murphy looked good on the PK blocking shots, and then he too got smoked. I’m still confused by this motley crew, and I feel like it’ll stay that way for a least a couple weeks into the season.

–Kero and Hinostroza can be a thing! They got a beautiful pass to Tommy Wingels for god’s sake. Kero wasn’t awful defensively, either. I’m telling you, this can be our fourth line (not Wingels, maybe Hayden who looked only slightly oafish…and would you stop taking penalties, Ivy League??).

–I said it before and I’ll say it again: Detroit sucks. They challenged a goal on offsides in a fucking preseason game? Were they trying to get another look at their PK units? Were they trying to figure out how to notify the refs they wanted to challenge? It’s incomprehensible. Also, that David Booth guy looks like an early-’80’s pop star from a bad MTV video, and he can go sit on a knife.

The preseason is nearly over…just one more game this coming Saturday. Can DeBrincat maybe score like 8 goals that night and just lock this shit down? We can only hope.

Photo credit: Ten Seconds From Now