Everything Else

This wasn’t hard to see. You had a team that had quit on Ken Hitchcock a couple times in the past already, and its biggest star had clearly soured on him. You then announce he’s leaving after the season and his replacement installed right next to him. It was a pretty easy leap to think he wouldn’t finish out the season.

There were some thing that are out of Hitch’s control. He didn’t let Backes and Brouwer, a combined 40 goals, walk out the door and try to replace them with just David “Most Annoying Sound In the World” Perron. Hitchcock didn’t trade Brian Elliot and be forced to hand the job to Jay Gallon who has never proven he was ready for it. Ken Hitchcock didn’t fail to provide a #1 center any better than Jori Lehtera.

But that doesn’t mean Hitch isn’t responsible for a lot of what’s gone wrong in St. Louis, and you wonder if it isn’t so scorched that there’s nothing Mike Yeo can do.