Everything Else

This was a post I wrote a little while back at my Liverpool blog AnfieldAsylum.com after a player, Fabrice Muamba, collapsed on the field and was essentially seconds from death. Considering last night’s events, you could easily replace his name with “Rich Peverley” in this, including the disclaimer at the top about how overjoyed I am that he appears to be ok. You can also replace “soccer” with “hockey” and I think it still applies perfectly.

A couple of disclaimers here. I conjured up the thoughts for this post in the immediate aftermath of Fabrice Muamba’s collapse at White Hart Lane. It is an event that shook me to my core, as well I’m sure it did to yours. I could not be more delighted that he’s improving at the moment, as most of this was outlined when things looked very bleak indeed. Secondly, I do not mean to offend anyone’s beliefs or thoughts here, this is more meant as a catharsis for myself and all the things you deal with when you see something like this.