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These days, I have to concentrate to remember when the Canucks and Hawks was the NHL’s fiercest rivalry. You may have forgotten as well. They were the four regular season games we looked forward to most. Their playoff series, as ugly and nasty as they got at times, were basically all the reasons we watch hockey. It had villains and drama and heroes and moments.

And yet the last time anyone talked about the Canucks without a tone of pity, amazement (the wrong kind), or scorn was five years ago. And it’s not going to change for a while either. Which breaks my fucking heart, let me tell you.

Vancouver Canucks

’16-’17 Record: 30-43-9  69 points (dead ass last in the Pacific)

Team Stats 5v5: 47.9 CF% (26th)  46.6 SF% (29th)  46.2 SCF% (28th)  7.0 SH% (22nd)  .924 SV% (15th)

Special Teams: 14.1 PP% (29th)  76.6 PK% (28th)