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FACEOFF: 9pm Central

TV/RADIO: CSN, WGN Radio 720, and TSN for the hosers

SEARCHING IN VAIN FOR MEANING: Nucks Misconduct, Pass It To Bulis

Oh right. These guys. How could I forget?

I think it’s just me, but some of the heat of what had been and might still be the league’s best rivalry has gone out a bit. Might have something to do with the last three season meetings coming after somewhat passionate playoff meetings, and this one doesn’t. Maybe it’s partly to do with both teams coming off first-round exits in last year’s playoffs, and no longer is the target to get past each other but everything is just more focused inward and what each team has to do to go farther. Maybe the rise of genuine threats in St. Louis and L.A. has spread the ire for both sets of fans a little thinner.

Though reading Nucks Misconduct today, I’m guessing they don’t feel the same.