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Hawk Wrestler vs. Kenny Smith

RECORDS: Hawks 11-3-2  Jets 8-7-2



HOTH: Arctic Ice Hockey




SCORE-ADJUSTED CORSI%: Hawks – 50.3% (11th)  Jets – 48.8% (23rd)

POWER PLAY: Hawks – 19.0% (14th)   Jets – 18.7% (16th)

PENALTY KILL: Hawks – One day soon!  Jets – 81.7% (17th)

TRENDS: Laine hasn’t scored a hat trick in like a week so he sucks

Gonna try sometin’ a little different today. Krista, a HockeeNight refugee, wanted to let everyone know what you should think about the Winnipeg Jets. We’re going to allow her to do so here. Enjoy, and follow her on Twitter @lechatsavant.

Greetings, everyone. I come to you as someone who knows the Winnipeg Jets all too well. They are a vile bunch of whiners who choose to revise history rather than accept it. I’m all too familiar with this team. You see, I began my love of hockey as an Atlanta Thrashers fan.

It was my best friend who introduced me to hockey via the Thrashers, and we got to the point where we could gauge a win or a loss based on only the goalie (Pavelec good, Mason bad). We were hopeful that nothing would come of the rumors that the team would be relocated. That was some beautiful hope, but it was shattered on May 31, 2011. That was the day the Thrashers died and the Jets were born.