Everything Else

PHT brings you the latest from Harry and Lloyd: (Daly) (Fehr)

The Blackhawks, who are still working out, have enlisted help: (CSN) (autoplay)

Power rankings are stupid, if you don’t think so tell me how they can change week to week during a lockout: (ESPN)

This is why I don’t want the Blackhawks going overseas: (PD)

Icehogs getting help from locked out Blackhawks: (Icehogs.com)

Mac the knife? Carruth’s demotion means someone getting cut: (BTN)

Kaner is the best winger under age 25? Oh yeah and that Toews guy isn’t bad either: (ESPN Insider)

Everything Else

So yeah I’m the new links guy, I’ll try not to suck.  I was a life long Chicago guy, until six weeks ago when I moved to Minot, North Dakota to work for a junior team. I miss 5 a.m. bars… oh and my family.

I’m just shocked the kid’s parents aren’t trying to sue… (PD)

Zawzer takes a look at Barch’s drunken twitter poetry (RLD)

Because the lockout needs a Robin Hood figure? (PHT)

Daley and Fehr speak (NHL.com)

Oh yeah and something good for Hawks fans that has to do with hockey that is actually being played (BTN)