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Constructive Day but could this be Entrapment? (Chicago Tribune) (Spector’s Hockey)

Saving the Hockey World like James Bond:(Sportsnet)

Merchants near NHL rinks are losing money like The Great Train Robbery: (TSN)

Will an angry owner speak out, Never say Never..again:(Toronto Sun)

Players are paying for mistakes like a team in the Valley of the Rising Sun:(Sportsnet)

Adventures in Team Travel like going to The Rock: (Backhand Shelf)

From Russia with Love?? An unlikely Gordie Howe Hattrick:(CJAD)

Everything Else

Jesus Christo or What the hell is that!! (Puck Daddy)

Hammer to Italy..Maybe (CSN Chicago)

Much work to be done: (TSN)

Not much more comment: (CBC)

No vitriol rhetoric:(Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Talks will continue today: (Globe and Mail)

Keith Primeau wrote a book that will probably piss off dumb people (Montreal Gazette)

How much revenue sharing should the NHL have ? (Globe and Mail)

Also buy this shirt its pretty awesome (Teespring)




Everything Else

Today I was supposed to be starting the first real Committed Indian of the year, wrapping up work just in time to take in Flyers-Bruins before watching the Kings raise a banner instead of watching Joe Saunders try and wheeze and stumble his way through the Yankees lineup. Or the Steelers and Titans, which I don’t think anyone outside of Pennsyltucky really cares about, and that includes Tennessee.

But I’m not, obviously.

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Always cite your sources before you get the hammer of the gods brought down on you by the hockey starved interwebs:(Twitter)

Apparently the AHL is fine, but the I-90 shuffle is better (Autoplay) (CSN)

Hockey is back with lots of ads and Russians on some fly-by-night tv station:(RT)

Can’t hold down a grinder:(GnM)

Hatred Growing: (SN)

Probably at the time the most hated team in Chicago:(TSUN)

Everything Else

Hello Friends..

You may remember me from such names as ChelisChili7 from SCH. Well since he has officially passed another DeutschBank test and I felt like using my real name, here I am.  I also used to be Ken Oda’s bitch for a now-defunct Junior Hockey team. Which involved a lot of unnecessary stat keeping and keeping the Jameson stocked.

The Great One is optimistic:(TSN)

Is the NHL Naive on steroids?(SN)

Hockee Night Puckcast:(HN)

Can Pat LaFontaine save hockey on the Island?:(TSUN)

Oiler fans weren’t considered:(GnM)

ESPN will broadcast hockey after all:(PD)

Ryan Kesler is far behind in his recovery:(PHT)

The latest round of CBA negotiations:(DGB)