And then there was one. Eddy Piñeiro is the lone kicker remaining from the Bears extensive offseason search to replace ol’ double-doink, Cody Parkey. Steady Eddy won the right to kick sans competition about as much as the recently cut Elliot “J” Fry lost the job, so sure. Congrats. But the recent damning article by […]
Everything Else
Farmville: ESPN Helping StanBow write a shopping list: SCH The real power plays: SI More arguing on the rules of the game we just made up: PD Perry aims high in the 2nd period: PHT If only there had been a couple of goons who staged fight earlier in the game to dissuade players from […]
Everything Else
Super pumped to see Center Ice commercials on TV, and here I thought my season ticket payment was the only way I could give the NHL money for games that won’t be played… Speaking of which real games are the next on the block: (SI) LeBrun says its Groundhog Day, and we’re Chris Elliot: (ESPN) […]
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