Everything Else

As we sit around and wait for tomorrow night’s draft, when assuredly something will move off the Hawks’ roster and possibly on but something will actually happen, the NHL released its schedule today. There’s a couple quirks in it for the Hawks.

The first thing that jumps out is that there doesn’t appear to be an Ice Show trip in late January/early February as we’re accustomed to seeing. There’s a four-game trip from January 26th-February 6th that goes to Raleigh, Denver, Glendale, and Dallas but it’s broken up by the All-Star Break. So really it’s just a three-game trip. And that’s it. Normally, around that time the Hawks take a six or even seven-game sojourn, so you’d have to call that a break.

So other than the normal Circus Trip in November–which takes back its normal form with the Black Wednesday game in San Jose as it should always be– the Hawks won’t face more than four consecutive games on the road.