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One of the most annoying aspects of following the NHL, and writing about it, is having to sift through those who broadcast it and how they view what makes a player valuable. And this spreads to those who make decisions on how to build hockey teams, sometimes directly from the media, which is how you get the mess you have in Montreal right now, for instance.

Dan Girardi is a prime example. For the last few years, whenever the New York Rangers were on national TV, which was far too much (and yes, we know a Hawks fan saying another team was on TV too much is rich beyond all get out and we recognize that), you’d have to listen to at least 10 minutes at varying points combined of Pierre McGuire slobbering all over himself over what a “warrior” and “competitor” and the “heart” of Dan Girardi. He would do this because Girardi would always be involved in battles in the corner or out front of the net or blocking shots (notice these don’t ever involve his team having the puck). McGuire would try and sell you the game through the tales of these guys who were held together by duct tape but couldn’t wait to throw themselves in front of launched frozen rubber at the first opportunity to earn yet another bruise that sends people like McGuire to the height of emotional (and sadly probably physical) tumescence.

What it conveniently ignored was that Dan Girardi sucked. He still sucks. He has sucked for a long time. The Rangers were demonstrably worse when he was on the ice, and his usual partner Ryan McDonagh was assuredly about three minutes away from taking a blowtorch to his locker in the dressing room. McDonagh’s career has certainly been shortened after years of cleaning up whatever mess Girardi continually put him in. His relative-Corsi’s are simply comedy to look up over the years, his coup-de-stupid coming in ’15-’16 when he was a -8.6, one of the worst marks in the league.

But that kind of blathering from media still gets players like him a lot of money, so more power to him we guess. We just wish there were less of his types so there would be less chance of the Milburys and McGuires of the world to mess themselves on our televisions. There’s an image to take you into the holiday.

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Everything Else

We recognize that some of you may have not been around all that long, and this may be the first time you’ve watched the NHL Draft tonight. Or you have before but need a little help making sense of it all. Well, having taken in a fair few of these now (and the resulting depression that I’m actually watching the NHL Draft), let me prepare you for what you’re in for tonight.

-First off, NBCSN just picks up the TSN feed, and the Canadian broadcast will act like this is the most important date on the calendar for the country. Probably because it is.

-The opening segment will have a close-up of the obvious first pick, this year it’s Auston Mathews. But they’ll also try and drum up some drama on whether it will be Mathews at all, so they’ll also have a close-up of Patrik Laine. Both of them will look extremely awkward, because they’re teenagers and that’s what teenagers do, and their suits probably don’t fit. Also, no one will ask Mathews why spells both his first and last name wrong.