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Our friend Ryan Stimson is back with some of his neato passing stats stuff. He works for InLouWeTrust.com, or whatever they’re going to change their name to now. Follow him on Twitter @RK_stimp. 

Hello Chicago fans! Congratulations on yet another Stanley Cup. As you may recall from my last trip over to the Indian, I have been leading a project on tracking passing statistics. I tracked about sixty of the Blackhawks games last season and have some help finishing up the rest of the schedule – Regular Season only. I wanted to dig into some of the data and share it with you all. Today’s focus with be Teuvo Teravainen.

A few words on Teuvo’s context before we begin. Since this represents the final forty-three games of the regular season, it’s important to note how he was deployed and the quality of his competition and teammates. Generally, zone starts and competition will wash out over the course of a season, but since we’re dealing with slightly over half-a-season, be sure to keep this mind. All data is from 5v5 situations.

Everything Else

So Ryan Stimson, a contributor to InLouWeTrust.com, along with our friend Jen LC has been tracking passing stats for the Hawks this year. This stuff is pretty interesting. We ran this in the Indian last night, but I wanted to share it here as well. Follow him on Twitter @RK_Stimson. It’s pretty dizzying. So buckle up. 

Much of the analytics community focuses on shot-based metrics as a proxy for puck possession in order to get an idea of which teams and players drive play. However, the two most popular metrics for this analysis, Corsi (all shooting attempts) and Fenwick (all unblocked shooting attempts), merely tell us what happened, but give no depth into how these players drive play for their teams. I endeavored to find out how teams create offense from passes.