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Editor’s Note: As I mentioned, there are going to be some changes around here in 2016. One of them, and basically the big one, is I’m going to start putting more and more of what goes into the game program on here. It’s kind of a trial balloon for me to see how the model is changing and what I will do in the future. I’m not sure if I’m going to go full out for every home game or every game total. We’ll kind of find out together what I have the energy for. We’ve been doing Q&As with bloggers all over the league for years, so these are the easiest to share. Ahead of tomorrow night’s game, here’s the one we did with Ross from SilverSevenSens.com. You can follow him on Twitter @Sheer_Rossyness.

The Senators sit just outside the wild card spots in the East, but are only five points from the top of the Atlantic Division (even though Ottawa is nowhere near the Atlantic Ocean). They’re one of the higher scoring teams in the league, but they’re also one of the worst possession teams in the league. What is this team?

I can sum up this team in two words: Erik Karlsson. Granted, there are other players – Mark Stone is other-worldly, Mike Hoffman is a supreme talent, Craig Anderson has been great – but this team lives and dies with Karlsson. Keep in mind that he has a six point lead in the Eastern Conference entering tonight’s game. For a defenseman to be that far ahead of everyone else is mind-boggling. He leads the league in ice time per game. Ottawa’s possession stats are about even with EK on the ice, and are awful with him off it. I’d say more and more Sens fans are realizing that his prime years are being wasted on a team that keeps claiming it’ll wait for the right moment to spend. But for now, having him in the lineup is enough to keep the team afloat despite significant depth issues and questionable coaching choices.