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Assess the Canucks trade deadline. Put do give us time to hide in the other room before you start….
Surprisingly, Jim Benning’s strategy of “wait until the last minute to do something” failed to pay off! Brandon Leipsic seems like a decent little spark plug, at least, but Tyler Motte is yet another piece of tweener flotsam, and Jussi Jokinen… well, if this were 2006 and we needed to win a shootout, he would have been a great pickup.
We’ve asked you similar before, but everything we read from out there suggests Canucks fans are ready for a full rebuild and that’s what they’d prefer. So where is ownership getting this idea that their fanbase won’t settle for a fallow period, which is what they’ve got anyway?
After nearly half a century of abject failure (seriously, the Canucks have only finished in the top half of the league 12 times in their history), I still have absolutely no clue where Aquilini got the idea that this fanbase wouldn’t accept losing. The fact that a franchise this sad hasn’t folded or left town by now is evidence enough that Canucks fans will put up with losing seasons. In fact, attendance-wise, they’re still middle of the pack right now, which is insanely impressive when you, y’know, actually watch this team play. If ownership and management actually had any sort of semblance of a plan, they’d be dealing with approximately half the criticism they’re currently receiving. Even just coming out and saying “we were wrong” about the last few years would be a huge boost of morale to the fanbase. It’s never going to happen, though.
We guess holding on and extending Gudbranson gives us our answer, but will they attempt to unload some other terrible contracts in the summer like Sutter’s or Gagner’s or the like?
I really, really hope so, but at this point I know better than to expect anything positive out of this management group. My guess is they’ll hold on to all of their awful contracts and then add David Perron or James Neal to the mix. Can’t wait!
Nikolay Goldobin was a point per game in the AHL, is he something to look forward to in the future?
When Travis Green isn’t smothering the creativity out of Goldobin, he’s a lot of fun to watch. It’d be nice if they just let him focus on scoring goals in yet another lost season, but they seem 100% set on turning him into another boring grinder, which apparently we just can’t get enough of.
Ok, you’re hired as GM (it honestly could happen). What do you do from here?
1. No major free agent signings
2. Trade Sutter, Gagner, Gudbranson, Del Zotto, Granlund, Baertschi for whatever I can get
3. Trade Tanev for futures
4. Pick the BPA with our first rounder and emphasize skill with the rest of our picks
5. Seriously. Zero major free agent signings.


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