Everything Else

That time again. Put the week that was in a tidy little bow. Or wrap the box that we’re putting the week that was in a tidy little bow. Well, not the actual box, just a ribbon turned into a bow on top of it. Whatever, you get it.

Let’s do it.

The Dizzying Highs

Brandon Pirri – Yeah, I’m totally going to forward my agenda here. But three points in two games is a football in the groin. Pirri’s game certainly has its flaws. You can see him thinking instead of reacting in the defensive zone. His skating, while improved, is balky when he needs to turn from offense to defense or vice versa. He gets very wide when doing that.

But there are clear pluses too, and it’s weird that when the coaches are complaining about lack of offense and yet here’s a player who provides that. I’m sure Patrick Sharp looked longingly at that no-look through the legs pass off the boards that Pirri made to Nordstrom and wondered what he might do with such a thing.

I don’t think Pirri is a long-term answer. I don’t even know if he’s a short-term one. But I know it’s worth a look. Play him with Sharp and Hossa, who’ll flatten out some of his defensive problems. How bad could it actually be?