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Like most children, I could not properly handle my emotions. I cried for many reasons—teasing from others, being sent to my room for acting out, and, most commonly, my sports teams losing ways. My sadness would be temporarily directed towards the unfortunate circumstances, but after an hour or two, I’d calm down and resume being a typical child. It wasn’t until Derian Hatcher entered the league that I actually held onto my negative feelings after his actions stopped directly impacting me. He was my first hate.

Everything Else

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When Fels sent a bunch of us an email asking for our most hated opponent, my brain damn near melted. I mean, I could have come up with twenty guys easily, and that’s just the 1991 North Stars. But as a man who has been a Blackhawks fan since birth, and had a dalliance with the New York Rangers when I lived in New York – let’s face it, at that point half the team was either former or future Blackhawks every year – one name popped up above all the others…


Fucking Mario.

That diving piece of shit.