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As you have probably seen today, the US Women’s National Hockey team has announced they’re going to boycott the upcoming World Championships due to a labor/pay dispute. We thought we’d check in with someone a little more plugged into things than we are, our friend Zoe at VictoryPress.org. Follow her on Twitter @Zoeclaire_

While I think most everyone can understand what’s going on here, what are the conditions the US Women play under now and what are they asking for from US Hockey?

– Their demands seem to be that they are asking for their costs to be covered to participate in USA Hockey events and also that USA Hockey spend the same amount of money on development for the women’s game as they spend on the men’s game, as well as paying them to develop/train as athletes.  Considering the high profile of the women’s team, their overall skill set and status as a perennial medal favorite in any international tournament in which they participate, this seems reasonable.

Some players receive small monthly stipends from USAH.  I don’t know how the money is divided but it’s certainly not enough to live on and most players have other ways of making income if they play for USAH.  Per the NYT, they receive “virtually nothing” in between Olympic residencies: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/15/sports/hockey/team-usa-women-boycott-world-championships.html?smid=tw-share&_r=2