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Hawk Wrestler vs. EW_Ygritte_promo_shoot_a



OUT BEYOND THE WALL: Hockey Wilderness

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It only seems like the 12th time the Hawks and Wild have played this year. But going back over the last four seasons, this will be the 34th time the two have met including playoffs. So yeah, it can seem like a bit of a slog by this point. This is also the first chance for the Wild to sweep the season series from the Hawks, and I honestly can’t remember the Hawks losing to any team five times without reply since Quenneville took over. Which is kind of hard to believe but then it’s hard to be a team like the Hawks this much.

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Hawk Wrestler vs. Zakk-Wylde-by-Ivan-Chopik

PUCK DROP: 2:30pm Central 


GOPHER, EVERETT?: Hockey Wilderness

While it isn’t the last spike, however minuscule, on the EKG of the NHL season, today’s Stadium Series game is certainly the only “event” left on the Hawks’ schedule before the games really count. Matchups with Dallas and St. Louis will still matter a little more considering the standings (though Dallas’s goaltending will see what they can do about that), and next Sunday’s game against Washington will probably be more hyped. But those don’t take place outdoors, and today’s does. So at least it’s unique.