Everything Else

If you’re a Hawks fan, it might feel like you’re stuck in a bit of a time loop. Last year around this time, the Hawks were running smooth, with 48 points instead of this year’s 51. That didn’t have them in first, as the Stars were binging on everything at the table at that point, but really the Hawks aren’t too different from what we saw last year. Which is strange, because the holes on last year’s team seems so much more obvious.

The formula remains the same. The Hawks are getting other-worldly goaltending from both Crawford and Darling. Whoever is skating with Panarin, as he’s been paired with more guys this year than last, is doing most of the scoring. The power play is doing just enough. And yet, just like last year, there’s a feeling that the rug could slip out from under the Hawks at any point. That’s mostly because their underlying numbers, which would be said rug, just aren’t impressive and at some points are straight up bad.

And they center around two players, two players who have formed the pillar of everything the Hawks have done for close to a decade now. Jonathan Toews’s struggles have been well covered at this point. But it’s time to come to terms with the fact that Duncan Keith just hasn’t been very good either.