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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you’re well into your planning and prep for your meal. With the holiday coming up tomorrow, it only feels right to talk about something you should bring to the table if you’re the kind that drinks beer instead of wine with your meal… I generally do both. Now in general, you can’t go wrong with a good pilsner with your meal. Generally light and dry won’t overpower anything but also won’t back down.

But that’s not as much fun as something big and complex. So if you’re looking grab something at the store today or tomorrow, might I suggest Old Numbskull. Old Numbskull is an award winning Barleywine from AleSmith, based out in San Diego, CA. I won’t go too into the history of Barleywines but just know they are strong, rich, boozy beers that compliment Thanksgiving meals perfectly. Old Numbskull is 11%, a perfect sipper that ought to improve throughout the meal as the beer warms up. Most barleywines have an remaining sweetness from the malts up front that will transform into a biting bitterness from its aggressive hopping at the end. Plenty of toffee and burnt sugar wrapped up with roasted malts and dark red fruitiness. Buy two now, enjoy one tomorrow and save the other for next year to see how the beer changes. Or just drink them both tomorrow and get fucked up. Barleywine is life.
Everything Else

Oh look at this, I do still have a log-in for this site! How about that?

By now you probably realize though, I’m not here to talk about hockey (Sorry? You’re welcome?). I’m here to discuss some beer. So what should you be drinking this week? Well even though the snow from Friday has melted away, it’s still getting colder and we’re seeing less and less of the sun… so what better than something dark? This week’s beer is from one of my favorite local breweries, Off Color. With all the aforementioned seasonal changes they have released their lovely Kottbusser, called Scurry, back into the world. Now I’m imagining your first question – what the hell is a Kottbusser? That’s a damn good question. Lets talk about Off Color a little bit first. 

Started in 2013, Off Color quickly got on my radar. Not only because I used to work with one of the owners and was friends with the other but because right from the start they were doing something incredibly different. I’ve had many conversations with folks who aren’t fans of hoppy beers. These people are wrong but there’s certainly something to their argument that every brewery always has an IPA and/or Pale Ale. Off Color goes against all that. They set out to make beers no one else was making and quite often they make beers that no one else has heard of at all. Hoppy brews are great. They basically pay my rent and keep me stocked up with comic books. But there’s something wonderful about a brewery something few if any other breweries are doing. (Shoutout to Metropolitan too for that by the way). 

Now – what’s a Kottbusser? I had no idea either when they first made it. It’s an older and almost extinct German style. It’s dark, malty.. but it’s not an Alt. It’s brewed with honey and molasses to add more fermentable sugars to the beer. Now those won’t add any sweetness to the finished beer, it actually finishes very dry, but they’ll certainly change the body a bit. The flavor is smooth, nutty, toasty with a touch of chocolate and fruits. It’s fantastic. For an extra treat, look to try a Nitro version for an even smoother experience. 

As of very recently, you can go drink their beers at their new taproom as well. Go bother them at The Mousetrap, 1460 N. Kingsbury – right by that gigantic Whole Foods. No, not the new gigantic Whole Foods, the other gigantic Whole Foods.

Everything Else

In the interest of being a full-service hockey blog, we’re here to provide you the best in what you should be drinking while watching hockey. Because you’re drinking while watching hockey. And if you’re not, you should be. So we turn to our local expert, you may remember him from such blogs as this one in its previous forms (he did start the fucking thing), Matthew Killion! (@_Killion_)

Hello! Been a while since you’ve seen my name on this site, unless it’s one of the many instances of slander from Fels. But we’re back! It’s time to talk some beers. We’ll roll these out weekly, maybe more if we get on a roll. So what should you be drinking this week? I’m going to go with Half Acre’s Sticky Fat. Is it cheating to use one of Half Acre’s beers for one of these since I work there? Maybe. But it’s the first time I’ve written one of these in a while so it’s a welcome little on-ramp. And it’s a damn good beer.