Everything Else


I write this to you, knowing you’ll never see it, in the wake of your latest failed meetings with the NHL and on the precipice of losing regular-season games. And a bunch of them at that. While it comes as no surprise, the reality of it being here still stings me and every other fan. Again, we’re well aware that we don’t matter and I’m not here to ask you to “do it for us,” even though I’m sure some of you will run for that cover to justify your stances and actions. That’s fine, we’re used to it.

But over the years, and decades, you the hockey players have gotten a lot of mileage out of the perception that hockey players are different. You’ve actively promoted this about yourselves many times. You extoll your virtue about how much you love your game, how much more or differently you love it than other athletes. You’re just a simple Canadian kid, right? The time has come to prove that.