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That time again, let’s geek out a bit.


This is something we’ve harped on all year, but it’s worth revisiting because it’s so ridiculous. This is Patrick Kane’s CORSI/60. Both his normal linemates at the moment, Jimmy Hayes and Dave Bolland, are below -10. Sharp’s around where Kane is. So even though that line wasn’t good in terms of possession when Sharp was around, it was better than it is now. And yet Kane is in the top five in scoring in the NHL.

How? Well, Kane is shooting 8 points above his career average in shooting percentage, so that helps. But it’s not just goals for Kane, obviously, as he he would be on pace for a career high in assists too. Basically, Kane is getting hits while down 0-2 in the count pretty much every at bat. He doesn’t get a lot of looks in the o-zone as you’d like, and yet he’s making something happen in almost all of them. Kane starts 54% of his shifts in the offensive zone. Only 48% finish there. What if that were higher? Well, Sidney Crosby wouldn’t be running away with the Hart race, I think.