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Hey there, CSN. I know you know me. I give you a lot of shit on Twitter. I don’t particularly want to, though I’ve come to appreciate it. But I wouldn’t have to if you didn’t really suck at the one thing you’re supposed to do, which is present sports. Sometimes it’s little things. Like how the filters on your cameras still make it look like the Hawks are playing in a garage. Or how you regularly don’t have the right replay angle for whatever Eddie O is blabbering about (Eddie O blabbering isn’t really your fault, but I sometimes take it out on you). Or your occasional tendency to have someone who knows nothing about hockey on your hockey coverage.

Sometimes it’s bigger stuff. Like the way you fired Josh Mora for doing his job (full disclosure: Josh is a close friend). Or the whole Susannah Collins debacle, though I know that was driven by the Hawks themselves and you just carried out their wishes. Or your insistence on putting Bobby Hull on my screen, when it’s pretty well known that Hull is a human hemorrhoid.

And yet you dig the hole deeper.

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You probably have seen it by now, as the story was shared on Twitter by our compadre Fifth Feather and on NBC Chicago by friend of the program James Neveau and many others. If you haven’t I’ll do my best to recap.

About a week ago at Johnny’s Ice House West, the official practice home of the Hawks and also home to several men’s and children’s leagues, three men were mugged in the tunnel to the garage after their men’s league game. One was pistol-whipped. This was shared on Facebook by several people, and I’m not sure exactly how but it got the attention of NBC 5 who did a piece one it.

Tim O’Shea, who plays (or should add, “played”) at Johnny’s spoke to NBC 5 on the piece about the dismissive response he got from management when he raised questions about security at the facility. He was told basically to “go play in the suburbs.” After Tim appeared on the piece, he was banned by general manager Kevin Rosenquist for life. Which seems a total fair and in no way unhinged response for airing concerns that clearly weren’t being addressed. Apparently, Johnny’s public relations theory is “Snitches wind up in ditches.”

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